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the original intent of this site was to showcase my wife's Kees that she bread and showed .however, in a tragic turn of events, my dear wife Carole passed away on January 22nd, 2002 (see in "Memory of Carole" link).I was faced with the decision to take the site down or continue with just my art work. I decided to keep the site up as a way of staying in the "Kees family". Carole loved Kees and the people who loved kees. I know she would have wanted me to keep the site going.


We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made. -M. Acklam










Beach Bums 20x24 oil on canvas,  Collection of Debbie Lynch.


Enjoying the Sea Breeze 14x18 inches oil on board

This is the latest painting  I did, May 24 2013.


A Girl with her Puppies 24x36 inches oil on canvas

Collection of Karen McFarlane

This painting was donated for a silent auction held at the 2013 Keeshond International located in Topeka, Kansas. The winner of the auction was AKC judge by the name of Karen McFarlane. Here is what Jan Elbling had to say about her, "She is a Samoyed breeder and also judged Kees for us a few years ago at our specialty. She saw the painting at the auction and had to own it. It is now hanging in her Kennel room".

Here is a photo of Diane Benz and her husband at the local McDonalds in Berwyn. They came to my town of Berwyn, Illinois to purchase this painting of their Kees that I had done. While talking I mention that I had a large painting that I would like to donate to the international in KS. The Benz volunteered to go to my house and pick up the painting and hold it for the show, this was great because I would not need to package it or pay expensive shipping charges. While at my house Diane ended up purchasing two more of my paintings---I love Keeshond people.


"Seascape Fantasy" 16X20 inches oil on board. Completed on 6/24/14.Collection of Tonya Cama.


Collection of Ms. Joanna Louckyramsey

"Beach Kees" 11x14 inches oil on board. My latest painting 7-26-13

Collection of Heather Meyer.

Heather wrote: "Debbie Lynch Lynch HAS STRUCK AGAIN! Got home from the hospital and there is another large package. Opened it to find a gorgeous painting of Kees on the Beach by the talented Frank Marshall. This was purchased for me by Debbie as she knows my two favorite things are Kees (or any of my dogs :) ) and the Beach and Ocean! It is gorgeous and to ad icing on the cake, the sweetest, kindest note thanking me for all I had done for Rudy (which was my pleasure) and for our friendship (again, my pleasure). Debbie is a special lady. Thank you Debbie and thank you Frank."



Boy with kees on bike   collection of: DArcy Demianoff-Thompson


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